Public Transport in Valencia

Valencia is not the biggest city in terms of size and therefore it is very walkable. It’s a beautiful city to stroll through but sometimes walking is not the most convenient way to get around. Luckily for us, Valencia has an excellent public transport system. With just one public transport card, you can access Valencia’s many modes of transport, such as the metro, tram, bus, and bicycles. In this article we will guide you through each type of transport available in this amazing city.


One of the most convenient ways to get around any city is of course, by taxi, and Valencia is no different. Valencia is well-connected and traffic is generally light. Taxis in Valencia are safe and available 24 hours a day. The local taxi tariffs start from €1/km excluding the base fee which changes with new regulations introduced. At the time of writing, the base fees are €4 and €6 for day and night, respectively.

Uber doesn’t operate in Valencia however there are similar apps such as FREENOW (My taxi) and Cabify. These apps are very useful as the prices are fixed before your journey starts and they will come directly to your location to pick you up.

The Metro and Tram

The underground metro system is known as MetroValencia. There are currently 9 lines running, with a 10th line due to open in April 2022. Although the metro doesn’t reach all areas of the city, you can generally combine it with a short walk, or tram ride to reach your final destination. The metro is reliable, fast and easy to use. It is a clean and comfortable way to travel as there is air conditioning in the carriages. 

If you want to use the metro or tram, you can purchase a single ticket at the ticket machines located in every station or you can purchase a re-useable card at any kiosk or tobacco shop. There are various options available such as the ‘TuiN card’ or the new ‘SUMA card’ depending on your travel needs. Metro times can be found on the information boards in the various stations or online on the metro Valencia website ( The metro operates from 04.00 a.m. to 11.00 pm on weekdays, and from 05.00 a.m. to 00.30 a.m. on weekends, although this can vary depending on the line. 

Public Bus

Taking buses around Valencia will offer you the opportunity to get around the city while also enjoying the sights as you travel. Traveling by bus is the best option for medium to long journeys or if the metro doesn’t reach your destination. The extensive bus network is covered by EMT (Empressa Municipal de Transports) and Metrobus. Buses in Valencia run from 04:00 a.m. until 10:30 p.m. After 10:30 p.m. you can take the night bus. These run until 02:00 a.m. on weekdays and until 03:30 a.m. on weekends. A single public bus journey costs €1.50. There are also various rechargeable options such as the Bono Card, Mobilis Card, or the new SUMA card which are available at customer service offices, kiosks and newsagents.  

However, taking a bus is not the easiest to navigate for first-timers. If have decided to take a bus, here are some useful tips:

  • Make sure you have your card or coins ready before hopping on the bus
  • If you want the bus to stop, Use your hand to signal to the driver
  • Get on the bus using the front door and exit using the assigned exit door
  • Remember to press the stop button when you are near your stop


Valencia is a great city for getting around by bike. It is generally flat and the weather is nice all year round. If you are thinking of using a bike here then Valenbisi, which is the local bike sharing system, is the way to go. You can find 2.750 bikes at 275 different stations in Valencia.  The bikes are very easy to recognize by their blue and grey color and Valenbisi sticker.

Using Valenbisi is quite easy but before you can start you need a ‘Mobilis’ card. These are public transport cards that you can buy at local tobacco stores. Then you need to register on the website and sign up at a pickup point.

There are two subscriptions :

  1. Weekly subscription

For €13.30 you can enjoy the Valenbisi service for one week, an unlimited number of journeys and the first half hour of every ride is free.

  1. Long term subscription

For just €29.21 you can choose this option of Valenbisi subscription and make unlimited trips for one year. Remember that the first 30 minutes of each trip are free.

So as you can see there are some great options to get around and discover Valencia. They are mostly cheap and convenient to use.