Interview with Xine – Sensuality & Seduction Coach, founder of Sensual Valencia group

Today we would like to present you Xine, many readers from Valencia probably have heard at least once about Sensual Valencia community on Telegram and might have met Xine at some events in the city. In this interview, you will get to know Xine better and learn more about the exciting things she is dedicated to.

Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us more about your community and the things you are working on.

Hello sexy folks, I’m Xine! Sensuality & Seduction Coach here in beautiful Valencia, Spain. I run the Sensual Valencia Telegram group which is mostly intended for those either living or visiting Valencia, but I also offer lots of juicy content over in my Instagram account for people from across the globe!

The main focus of Sensual Valencia is to connect and share around topics such as sensuality, dance, sexuality, tantra. We chat, we get together, I love organising memorable events that leave a provocative impact. Making it an important and sometimes transformative experience for those attending.

Overall, I would say I’m particularly gifted at helping people become more fully expressed in their sensuality and sexy. Feeling more liberated and at ease in their bodies, pleasure, becoming expressed through coaching, tantra, sensual dance, and somatic practices.

Salsa and bachata are a big big inspiration for me right now.

Xine, tell me a bit more about the beginning of your story in Valencia? What brought you to this southern Mediterranean city?

I’m originally from Montreal, Canada, but lived in Montpellier, France for 5 years and knew the Mediterranean lifestyle rather well. While living in Tenerife for a couple of years, I got a divorce from my very long-term relationship and felt I needed to be closer to friends, have the ability to travel easily, and meet more expats like me!

I remember the moment I landed in Valencia, which was an intuitive decision BTW, not at all pre-planned. Very “let’s see what happens” kind of deal… it was the coldest day Valencia had seen in 100 years (hello Canada!) but the people were smiling and the trees were filled with oranges. It felt like pure joy and abundance and right away I got this feeling inside: this is home. I have not doubted my decision for a second.

And how did your journey with Sensual Valencia group begin? How did you come up with the idea of the community?

Almost immediately after joining Valencia Nomads Telegram group run by Charlie and Jiji, I began organising small meetups in Turia, and in essence, creating the environments I wanted to be a part of. I met a couple of people (you included) that I felt so comfortable talking about edgy sexual topics with. I immediately knew I needed to create that space for myself.. but also to offer a space with that level of safety to connect and express for others too! So I created a sub-group and initially called it The Sexy Valencia Group. One year and many exciting events later… we’re now at 170 members!

Your community has grown pretty much, what do you think is the key that unites all these different people and attracts new members to your community?

The group is gated, so folks need to ask permission to join… which keeps things relaxed and safer. When people request to join, they don’t usually know what to expect! All they know is that there’s something sexy going on and they want to be a part of it.

I think it’s an innate desire for those curious souls who know there is more to life… seeking to explore themselves and the world through a part of our being that has been repressed and culturally denied for so long. We’re starting to awaken to the fact that we can choose differently from what we’ve been taught.

I truly believe that a huge part of our empowerment lives within the liberation of our sexiness and sensuality, which frees up our confidence, and our ability to express ourselves fully!

Tell me more about the events you organize. I know that you organize meetups but also host different workshops. Can you explain which kind of events people from your community can attend?

Mmmmmmm yes. I offer both online and in-person events, workshops, and private coaching.

I love organising events! I’ve been organising crazy experiences for years. I once organised a dystopian corset fashion show in Montreal called Love & the Machine. It turned some heads… haha

So depending on what you’re seeking and how you work best, you’ve got options! 

If you want to simply connect with folks and wet your sensual toes in this world, I would say join the free Sensual Valencia telegram community and follow me on Instagram.

If you want to start your journey into liberating your sensuality and confidence and prefer in-person environments, join my various workshops in Valencia. I’m currently hosting a series of Sensual Connection Dance classes over at the Escuela de Ruzafa and my participants are LOVING them. This is for women and non-binary folks who desire to explore their “feminine” expression. Send me a DM in Telegram to sign up for these:

Or join one of my Full Moon Salsa Bachata Kizomba dance socials here:

And online, if you want to further develop or expand in an area of sexuality, sensuality or deepen your connection and relationships using tantra or sensual dance, then private coaching is for you. I’ll teach you how to connect and Seduce yourself, as a powerful approach to connect to others and Seducing what (and who!) you desire most. Yummmmm!!

Which are your further plans for the community and your business? Do you plan to focus more on something particular or develop any new ideas/events?

I call myself a firestarter. Without even trying, people around me tend to suddenly feel the desire or urge to shift into their next iteration of themselves. Whether that means picking that project back up, or having the courage to express themselves more in their bodies, voice or relationship, accepting themselves more deeply around a challenge or saying yes to something they’ve been stuck on… 

Aside from this all-consuming addiction to salsa and bachata… helping folks liberate their bodies, their sensuality and learning how to Seduce the “what” and “who”(s) they desire consciously and ethically into their lives (instead of following the normative tendency towards striving and pushing to exhaustion), is where I’ll be spending my time and focus to best offer this to all of you!

If this sounds delicious, definitely reach out! 

After reading this, what fire has been lit up for you? I’ve got lots more where this came from. 

Xine XOX
Sensual Valencia group:

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