How to get your NIE in Valencia ?

One of the most important things you will need to do after arriving in Valencia is to get your NIE. So in this article we will give all the information needed in order to obtain your NIE.

What is an NIE ?

The NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) is the identification number in Spain for everyone who is not a Spanish citizen.

An NIE number is mandatory for all foreigners with financial, professional, or social affairs in Spain, regardless of whether they are a resident or non-resident in Spain. Both EU citizens and non-EU citizens get issued a NIE. 

Citizens from the EU need to apply for an NIE number after three months of residence in Spain, while non-EU citizens will typically receive their NIE along with their Spanish residency. 

The NIE will be issued as a white A4 certificate, containing your unique number, first name, surname, date of birth, city and county of birth. 

Who needs an NIE ?

If you meet any of the following criteria, you will need to get an NIE number: 

  • Employee or intern in a Spanish company
  • Freelance worker or self employed.
  • Intend to start a business in Spain.
  • Student (Students should apply for the ‘NIE estudiantil’ if they intend on staying for more than three months)
  • Any non-resident foreigner who buys property in Spain. 

Why do I need an NIE ?

The NIE is the most useful document in Spain and you will need it for almost every form you fill in. If you intend to do any of the following in Spain, you will likely need an NIE:

  • Become self-employed or legally employed
  • Register with social security
  • Set up a company
  • Open a bank account 
  • Set up an internet connection 
  • Open a phone line
  • Buy or sell a property 
  • Buy or sell a vehicle
  • Access public services
  • Pay taxes 
  • Purchase insurance
  • Open a utility contract (electricity, water)

How do I get my NIE number in Valencia ?

The following steps will guide you through the process of applying for you NIE:

First, you need to fill out the NIE application form (EX-15) and print it. This form can also be obtained from any NIE office. It’s important to note that this form must be filled out in Spanish. 

Next, you need to schedule an appointment at the Police Station or Oficina de Etranjeros. You can schedule an appointment on the official website ( 

  • Choose the province most suitable for you.
  • Select Policía – Certificados y Asignación de NIE.
  • Fill out the website with your personal information.

All scheduled appointments must be in the applicant’s name, so make sure to fill out the requested fields with the correct information. Ensure you take all the necessary documents with you to the appointment as outlined below. 

What documents do I need ?

On the day of your appointment, you will have to bring the following documents with you:

All applicants: Two copies of the Ex-15 application form filled out and signed. 

All applicants: Document proving why you need a Spanish NIE number, this differs depending on your intentions. Examples include: Going to buy a property in Spain, job contract from a Spanish company, a company ownership certificate, an acceptance letter from the school if a student)

All Applicants: The completed Tasa Modelo 790-012 form which will allow you to pay the administration fees (which are currently 9.74€). Proof of payment must be provided on the day of the NIE request.

EU nationals: Your passport and a photocopy of the main page of your passport (the page that includes your photo, name, passport number, address, etc.).

Non-EU nationals: Your passport and a photocopy of your entire passport (all pages), plus proof of your legal entry into Spain (for instance a landing card, known in Spanish as a declaración de entrada or a título de viaje or cédula de inscripción). Some Oficinas de Extranjeros might accept a valid entry stamp in your passport as proof of legal entry. To be on the safe side non-EU nationals might also want to take along two recent passport size colour photographs with a plain coloured background.

When will I receive my NIE ?

If everything goes smoothly your NIE will be issued on the same day by the national police on a sheet of paper. This will include some key details (First and second name, date of birth, nationality) and your NIE number. As your NIE is very important make sure to keep it safe and try not to lose it.