The Best Mobile and Internet Providers in Valencia

Today we will take a look at the best internet and mobile providers in Valencia. Nowadays, it’s very important to find the best deals for both mobile and internet connections so it’s worth comparing each company before making the final decision. In this article we will lay out the best options so you can make an informed choice.

Best mobile and internet providers Valencia

The best Internet providers in Valencia

These days having fast, affordable and reliable internet is becoming more and more essential. Whether you are a digital nomad who relies on internet for work, a gamer who needs super-fast and reliable speeds for gaming or a family using multiple streaming devices at once, an excellent Wi-Fi connection is crucial. Thankfully the city of Valencia has very good Wi-Fi connectivity and speeds. In some more rural locations, you may need to explore cellular 4G internet options to ensure good connectivity. Here are the best providers in Valencia City.


Jazztel is a Spanish telecommunications company and a subsidiary of Orange España. They offer a few different packages for fiber optic broadband. They have good reviews of their pricing and overall reliability for speeds. They have the third-highest average upload and download speeds.

They offer 3 monthly packages at different speeds:  

  • 300mb (29 euros) 
  • 600mb (30euros) 
  • 1000mb (37euros)

Vodafone España

Vodafone España, S.A.U. is a mobile telecommunications operator in Spain, headquartered in Madrid. Vodafone has a lot of stores in Valencia and generally has good reviews of their customer service and overall coverage.

They offer 3 monthly packages at different speeds:  

  • 300 mb (31 euros) 
  • 600 mb (32 euros) 
  • 1000 mb (40 euros)


Movistar is the largest provider of landline, broadband and mobile services in Spain. It is pricier than other providers but they have good customer service which includes English speaking agents.

They offer 3 monthly packages at different speeds:  

  • 100 mb (29 euros) 
  • 300 mb (38 euros) 
  • 600 mb (44 euros)

Some tips for when you are making the final choice: 

  1. There are always offers on their websites so you can get a good deal by shopping around. 
  2. Check the Wi-Fi coverage map to make sure your apartment is not in a black spot for the provider.
  3. Visit their physical stores and talk to an agent face to face, most stores will have an English-speaking agent so you can discuss your options.

Mobile Providers in Valencia

Now let’s take a look at the best mobile providers in Valencia. There are a lot of options so you can compare and find the most suitable choice for you. Mobile data plans are relatively cheap and generally have excellent 4G coverage throughout the city. Let’s take a look at the major players in Valencia.


Again it’s Movistar who can offer some of the best mobile data plans and 4G coverage around Valencia. It generally dominates the Mobile experience awards every year in Spain for good reason. They offer a range of pre-paid and contracted plans to suit almost every customers’ needs. You can get 5GB prepaid for just 5 euros a month or with a contract you can have unlimited calls and data for just 20 euros a month.

Orange Movil

Orange España is the second mobile phone provider of the big four Spanish providers (Movistar, Orange, Vodafone and Yoigo), with 11 million customers. It can offer the most widespread 5G coverage in Valencia. They have won awards for their download speeds and 4G availability in major cities in Spain. You can have unlimited calls and data for 36 euros a month. They are more expensive but do offer the fastest download speeds.


Digi Communications, also known as RCS & RDS, is a Romanian telecommunication holding company operating in Romania, Hungary, Spain and Italy. They are not one of the major players in Spain but they are an alternative and cheaper mobile provider. They have very affordable small packages which could be suitable for someone who doesn’t need a lot of data every month, for example 6GB data and 100 minutes international and national calls for 5 euros a month.

 Some tips for when you are making the final choice :

  1. There are always discounts on their websites so you can compare prices between providers. Think about combining your fiber and mobile provider as there are some great deals to be found.
  2. Check an online mobile coverage map to ensure that your neighborhood has good 4G or 5G coverage. 
  3. Make sure that your phone is unlocked so that it will be able to use international SIM cards.