The Best Gyms in Valencia

With excellent gyms in every neighborhood, it’s easy to stay fit in Valencia. Whether you just want to exercise at your own pace or take part in group classes, Valencia has it all. There are gyms to suit all budgets and needs. In this article we will cover some of the best gyms located in the city.

Basic Fit

Basic Fit Valencia gym

Basic-Fit has grown enormously in recent years, starting with a handful of clubs reaching two million members and 1,000 locations in over five countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Spain. There are 2 locations in Valencia.

The gym has a big social media presence and has highly-qualified coaches as well as top of the line equipment. They also have strict hygiene protocols and very attentive cleaning staff.

The gym offers lots of activities such as Zumba, aerobics, Latin dance, yoga, body combat, Pilates, among others. Many of these classes are available online and they also offer an excellent app that can monitor your progress so you can easily train from the comfort of your own home.

The monthly cost of the basic plan of €14.99/month so makes this gym a great choice with an excellent quality/price ratio. 


1. Joaquin Costa Street 6, 46005, Valencia

2. C/ del Pintor Maella, 4, 46023, Valencia

3. Plaça de Fra Lluís Colomer, 4, 46021, Valencia

4. C/ del Pintor Maella, 4, 46023, Valencia

(Other locations in Jesus, Benicalap, Alboraya and Campanar)

Atalanta Sport Club & Spa

atalanta gym Valencia

This is a top choice for gym-goers who like to take advantage of everything offered at a gym. They have huge complexes and have all kinds of world class facilities and services. From the classic muscle-building areas and group classes to areas with a spa, a swimming pool, a restaurant, a hairdressers, a paddle tennis court and even a Roman bath! They also offer activities to keep your children occupied such as karate and Zumba classes and they have a library on site.

They offer a physiotherapy and nutrition service which will help you reach your goal weight in a healthy manner. As for their staff, they have very professional coaches and employees. The facilities are generally well-kept and cleaned to a good hygiene standard

This is one of the more expensive options as monthly fees are about 80 euros per month, reduced to 65 euros if you pay annually.


1. Carrer de Ramón Asensio, 10, 46020 Valencia

2.Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 7, 46005 Valencia

Fitness Fabra Gym Valencia

Fitness Fabra Gym Valencia

Next up is a gym that is a bit easier on the pocket compared to our previous choice. However it still is an excellent gym with good reviews.

They have various activities such as yoga, cross training or Pilates, but they also offer a range of popular martial arts classes. Children are also welcome as they can participate in activities such as Zumba kids.

They have good customer service and the reviews say that the maintenance of the gym is quite good and clean.Pricewise it is quite affordable, with a basic monthly price of 25 euros. In addition, they have many discount options, both with semi-annual and annual plans as well as discounts for families, friends, etc.

However they offer a quite limited schedule, Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Sundays and holidays, they are closed.


C/ dels Rosers, 27, 46025, Valencia

Curves Valencia Juan Llorens

Curves Gym Valencia

Curves is a female-only gym franchise with gyms located around the world. They have a very welcoming and open atmosphere.

Their team will help you get fit, gain strength and lose weight, always in a comfortable environment where women of any age or physical condition are welcome. At Curves you can go in at any time during opening hours, there is always a circuit trainer to train and motivate you and make sure you achieve your fitness goals in no time.

They also have an app that can help you monitor your progress, join live trainings and interact with your curves trainer.

However they close completely at weekends so that may be an issue for some gym-goers.


1. Juan Llorens: Calle Literato Gabriel Miro, 58. 46008, Valencia

2. Aragon: Carrer de Polo y Peyrolón, 6, 46021, Valencia

3. Alboraya: Carrer de l’Abadia, 146120, Alboraya, Valencia

VivaGym Valencia

Viva Gym Valencia

One of the most well-known gym franchises in Spain is VivaGym. They currently have 6 locations throughout the city so there is sure to be a gym located near your workplace or home.

At VivaGym they have a wide variety of activities aimed at adapting to the needs of their members. Depending on your objective, you can choose the activities that best suit you. They usually have high-quality equipment and professional staff on the premises. 

One thing to note is that many reviews mention that at peak times it is often difficult to find a machine that is free, so keep that in mind.

As for the price, many reviews have mentioned the price-to-quality ratio in a positive manner. If you pay a registration of €19 and a monthly fee of between €23.90 and €32.90, you can access to all of their gyms.

1. VivaGym Benlloch: Av. del Cardenal Benlloch, 26, 46021 Valencia.

2. VivaGym Platero: Carrer de Platero Suárez, 11, 46009 Valencia.

3. VivaGym Canovas: Carrer de Salamanca, 19, 23, 46005 València

4. VivaGym Campanar Gym: Av. de Tirso de Molina, 16, 46015 Valencia.

5. VivaGym Godella: Carrer Camí Camarena, 1, 46110 Godella, Valencia

6. VivaGym Troya: Carrer de Troia, 4, 46007 València

Forma Sport

Forma sport Valencia

One of the largest and cheapest gyms that you can find in Valencia is Forma sport. This fitness company has 9 huge fitness centers dedicated to sports and personal care. Each of its facilities has more than 18,000m2 and hosts more than 600 classes a week

Forma sport offers cardio machine rooms (treadmills, stationary bikes and more) general fitness areas and bodybuilding rooms. You can also practice a nice variety of disciplines: cardio, aerobics, Pilates, Yoga or Body Balance. You can get a free trial class if you book through their website and, if you opt for the annual contract, you can enjoy the gym for a year for €14.90 per month. 

On a less positive note, a few reviews mention that some of the machines don’t always work and that the equipment is not the newest.


1. Forma Sport Ruzafa: Carrer de Sueca, 20, 46004 València

2. Forma Sport Leandro: Carrer de Leandro de Saralegui, 11, 46021 València

3. Forma Sport Patraix: Carrer de la Borrasca, 1, 46017, València

4. Forma Sport Av. Francia: Carrer del Riu Escalona, 13, 46023, Valencia

(Other locations in Torrent, Benicalap, Alboraya and Alfafar)

*All of the prices and offers were accurate at the time of publishing. Contact the gyms directly in order to get the latest prices or promotions.

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